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Helius Systems has started their journey in 2002 in the field of Core Banking Systems and ERP solutions, with only one mission in mind, to create value for businesses and provide business solutions that can revolutionize the growth of a business and create a new history in their growth chapter. We have a team of talented designers, developers, data analysts and market experts who understand and deliver way beyond the current market expectation. The technologies that we use on a daily basis has made us skillful to conquer any challenge.

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Our outsource partners praise us for their better risk management and increasing in-house efficiency. Complete project outsourcing and dedicated teams

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Projects require the utmost attention to detail for success. With high complexity and big team size, projects need a good management to be successful.



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Understanding your business processes is the most important step and also the first step in providing consulting to our clients. We also keep an eye on the systems running the business and also take into considerarion the stakeholders, that are associated to the business.

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The pooling of this service makes it possible to provide you with a multidisciplinary team of technicians and engineers as well as expertise adapted to your needs.



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Food safety and traceability

It is an online shopping platform that enables:
1. Online display of articles, according to different categories, with some images and attributes, with the possibility to search with keywords, suggestions for similar articles or suggestions for similar purchases and many other features similar to e-commerce platforms in circulation.
2. Some ways to buy, after creating the chart:
a. Cash on delivery, which is usually used for buyers located in Albania. Means that the payment of items is made at the time of delivery to the buyer.
b. By credit or debit card. The payment is made by the customer using a credit or debit card type master card, visa, etc.
c. With Ewallet (electronic money). The payment is made using electronic money of Albanian Post, after logging into the ewallet account, which is similar to paypal for purchasing from amazon, ebay etc.
3. Full tracking of the entire order delivery cycle, from the moment of purchase confirmation, to delivery.
4. The possibility that in the future the items for sale, not only belong to the Albanian Post, but also to other customers. The post will offer these customers a virtual environment on its platform, where in addition to exhibiting items, will enable the purchase online as well as shipping the order to the buyer.

This platform was completed in August 2020 and is currently expected to be released live in the upcoming months.

The main modules (functional features) of core banking system are listed below:

o Customers Information File (CIF)
o Signature & Photo Scan
o Customer
o Company Payrolls
o General Transactions
o Cash/ FX (Foreign Exchange)
o Fund Transfer
o Inter Bank/Branch Reconciliation
o Reports, Advices & Printing programs
o Local Regulatory Reports
o Money Market
o Treasury Bills
o Time Deposits
o Accounts
o Loan Management System

o Swift Interface
o Payments
o Clearing (Inward/Outward Clearing)
o Interest Plans & Base Rates
o Finance & Accounting
o Treasury & Back Office
o Cheques
o Assets management
o End of day process
o End of year process
o E-Channel Integrator- ATM, Mobile,
o Internet Banking, Kiosk
o Other payments
o Taxes Office Payments & Configuration
o Security and Access control

The e-banking systems enable as following:
o Accurate statement of all means available in your bank account
o Statement of current account, credits, overdrafts and your deposits
o Execution of national and international transfers in various currencies
o Execution of all types of utility bill payments (electricity, water supply, telephone bills, etc..)
o Carrying out customs payments
o Electronic confirmation for all transactions executed by E-banking
o Management of your credit cards

Enables the realization of postal and financial services in the post's offices, the creation and maintenance of customer accounts, the accounting of all operations, etc. It also serves as a backend for virtual Post platforms such as e-posta, e-commerce and e-wallet. Currently in this system it is possible:

o Realization of 46 different financial services, most of which are immediately represented and reflected to third parties.

o Realization of monetary transfers within the Albanian Post.

oCoverage of universal postal service, express mail and EMS mail.

o Acceptance of postal items, processing and transportation of postal items, delivery to the receiver.

oAccounting of all transactions, sales at post offices, etc.

Helius Systems has developed a complete payments platform engineered for growth and a flexible tools for performing payments. Whether you're creating a subscription service, one-time payment or e-commerce store, our solution meticulously designed APIs and matched functionalities to help you create the best possible product for your users. Whether you're looking to bill customers on a recurring basis or simply accept payments, we offer it all through our fully integrated, global platform that can support online and in-person payments. The above solution gives the companies a way to scaling faster and more efficiently by connecting their businesses and perform payments and other services through our platform.

Provides a standard interface with commercial banks or other financial institutions, through which the realization of receivables, installment payments or other banking services is done, on their behalf, between the postal offices. The platform is created in the way that a financial institution have to meet a standard representation with the postal offices, and then only between the configurations it can be added to the internal post platform, enabling all the financial operations.

Helius notary software named NISA provides secure electronic notarization functionality. It offers greater security and convenience for both businesses and consumers who regularly deal with notarizations. NISA is the electronic system of notaries and is owned by the National Chamber of Notaries.
The main functions of this system are:
1. Digitization of the documentary archive of notarial acts and automatic production of the electronic document.
2. Communication and interoperability with other state databases.
3. Electronic signing of documents that ensures the authenticity of the notarial deed.
4. Financial administration of the activity of each notary office and reporting to the tax system agencies in real time.

Our document management software incorporates document and content capture, workflow, document repositories, output systems and information retrieval system and also the processes used to track, store or control documents. Helius Systems document management systems offer the features as follows:
o Attach documents in every module
o View/download/delete documents
o Define User rights to attach/view/download/delete documents for each step of the flow.
o Define document types
o Define which documents can be attached in every status
o Define required documents in every step of the flow

Loan Origination module provides all the steps from taking aloanapplication up to disbursal of funds. Loan applications should be in compliance with internal credit risk policies and local regulatory framework, which are configured in the product module. The main functionalities of the module are:

o Input of applicant data based on the applicant type such as: General information, Addresses, Financial activity etc.

o Input of application data such as: face amount, loan duration, interest rate, repayment frequency etc, which are used to generate the amortization plan.

o Input of application related parties, collaterals, suppliers.

o Score generation for the client.

o Configurable workflow for the application processing management and approval committees are assigned to each step of the flow.

Our loan management technology gives you a 360-degree view of all relationships and facilities under management. Calculations, workflows, financial analysis, electronic compliance and servicing all work together on a single platform. By eliminating the associated manual processes, rekeying of data, duplication of efforts, printing and mailing of documents. Our loan management software reduces costs and brings inevitable efficiency. Main benefits are:
o Leverage loan processing efficiencies
o Respond quickly to changing industry policies and regulations
o Streamline business practices
o Accelerate transition to digital lending

The Collection module is used to track customers, who are past due on theirpayments dates, through activities such as: sms, phone calls, letters, meetings,outsource etc. The main functionalities of the module are:

o Automatic activities generation based on: days in overdue, client scoring, branch scoring, product scoring.

o Segmentation of activities through different users, providing work load balancing.

o Presentation of important loan details such as: days in overdue, obligations, status, etc.

o A detailed history of clients activities through the lifetime of the collection process.

o Automatic letter generation based on configured templates.

The Recovery module is used to track clients, which are transfered from theCollection module. The module is fully in accordance with applicable law in theRepublic of Albania. The main functionalities of the module are:

oFully configurable workflow for this process.

o Different workflows for auction and trial.

o Notifications are generated automatically for each status/step based onbusiness requirements.

o Historical data for every action is stored in the system.

o Ideal calendar for future events is generated based on steps andpreconfigured conditions.

o Add/remove bailiff data.

o Document attachment in every step of the flow.

Among all its softwares, Helius Systems also offer softwares dedicated to fiscalization procces in different countries. This software can help businesses to monitor their cash transactions and the value added tax calculation. This procedure is done over the internet at the time the transaction occurs. Fiscalization can also give business owners sales insight in real-time. They can monitor their daily traffic using our fiscalization software and quickly check business reports.

Helius GIS Software is a collection of computer software and information, which is used for viewing, analysing, managing and displaying geographical data. In general, it allows users to search for information about specific geographical areas, analyse spatial information, edit the data and create maps, charts and reports that show users the results in visual forms. Our GIS software is created to improve decision making and reduce costs while increasing efficiency to businesses.

Our solution supports all business processes in the oil & gas industry – from supply chain management, petrol stations sales through cash, eletronical cards or coupons, to automatic control of gas pumps.



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