Data is important for any business and storing, retrieving and manipulating data is also important. Choosing the right technology to store data is important as it brings more security, faster performance for complex queries and other benefits.

For all our operations, we choose the PostgreSQL database standard, another open source technology that clearly builds the base of technologies at Helius Systems. The relation with PostgreSQL is quite amazing at Helius Systems and we only prefer an other database solution if the situation demands.

Helius Systems and PostgreSQL

We believe in choosing the best solution for our business. With PostgreSQL, our technicians make the business run effectively and efficiently. PostgreSQL has been used in our open source releases, OpenEduCat and FieldAtom. The main reason for using PostgreSQL over any database is the non-licensing terms. There is no licensing term that is needed to launch the product even in the testing phase. With the freedom, Helius Systems always prefer the PostgreSQL database over any database solution. If the requirement of the project for call of other database solution, then only we go for other database solution.

Helius Systems services using PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is used in many services that are served by Helius Systems. The three main services that used PostgreSQL are Eterna integration, support and maintenance. The integration service heavily relies on the PostgreSQL features for a safe integration of different systems within the organization.

With 3rd party apps making an impact on business, it's high time for business to take care of their implementation policy. At Helius Systems, we understand the diverse ways a business can work and that's why we have our work closely related to PostgreSQL capabilities to make our integration much easier.

Other than 3rd-party apps, Eterna utilizes the postgresSQL database for internal and external operations, creating postgresSQL the most valued and most used technology in our integration.

Support also utilizes PostgreSQL technology benefits. Our technicians can easily solve any database problems as they are familiar with PostgreSQL technology internally and can maneuver faster in the workflow without hampering other processes.

The last service that uses PostgreSQL is maintenance service. PostgreSQL has its own share of presence in older systems. Our maintenance team can easily maintain an older system that runs on PostgreSQL. The system becomes more productive and runs faster after the maintenance is done. Every system needs maintenance for optimal performance and output.