Eterna ERP

Tired of finding the best EPR solution for your business? Organization working is becoming complex and keeping track of everything is a tough task. On the other hand, getting a paid ERP solution means dishing out tons of money on the solution each month. There comes the role of Open Source and more than an ERP Solution.

Eterna is the most advanced ERP solution in the market, enabling business to take their projects to the next level. The future belongs to those, who identify the hidden potential in the market and capitalize on it. With the release of the latest edition of Eterna, the version 8.0, things have changed drastically. The Eterna platform now aims to solve all the problems of the businesses. The latest version consists of Front-end Apps, Business Operations Apps, Marketing Apps, Productivity Apps, Human Resource Apps and Sales Management Apps.

The biggest feature introduced in the version 8.0 is the web site builder, which comes with the functionalities to build a world-class website with complete SEO.

Helius Systems and Eterna

Helius Systems is the best Eterna Maintenance and Implementation that specialize in Eterna. We provide cutting-edge custom solutions to business with a sense of urgency and accuracy. Our long-term support creates an ecosystem, where both Helius Systems and the business strive in the relationship. Other than technical expertise, business can easily associate the brand with Helius Systems and bring more opportunities to the organization.

Eterna is popular for its community-driven support. The constant release of updates for the core platform proves its community effort to improve the platform. The biggest advantage of using Eterna over other platforms is the number of community driven modules. Currently, there are 4000 community modules that bring an array of features to the platform. The suite of apps is also driven by 260 core modules, developed by the core team members of Eterna.

Eterna is unique, it creates the right infrastructure for the business to flourish beyond the current business standards. Want to automate sales, marketing, accounting, purchase or any other business process? Then, Eterna is perfect. Moreover, the ability of Eterna to seamlessly integrate different processes into one hood -- makes the suite more suitable for all business across the world.

Helius Systems services over Eterna

Eterna related services are the core of the workflow at Helius Systems. We develop, implement, customize, integrate, consult, train, migrate and support Eterna platform. There is a never-ending thrust regarding Eterna as it provides the base for other technologies to flourish.

Eterna Implementation is the main service related to Eterna platform. The Businesses are evolving and they require a robust ERP solution for controlling each process of the business without losing any information. At Helius Systems, we provide complete Eterna Implementation requirements including requirement research, project planning, business modeling, solution design and Production System Setup.

The next major service regarding Eterna is Customization. Eterna platform is versatile and can be customized according to the business need. With GAP Analysis, Process mapping, custom development and testing, we customize the whole Eterna platform for any business requirement.

Another major service that utilizes the power of Eterna is its core development. The Eterna development team makes sure that the resources are utilized maximally and a transparent delivery model for maximum communication between client and the team.

Eterna Integration is one of the most sought services for Eterna platform. The reason is the invention of 3rd party apps that can enhance the workflow of the organization, improving productivity and profit. We also provide Eterna Training for the organization's workforce, improving their skills and ability to work with Eterna systems.

Last two important services are migration and support. The migration service consists of migrating old systems to new Eterna systems. Old business may want to improve the overall working of the organization and move to much faster and better platform such as Eterna. We, at Helius Systems, provide migration and support for the systems that are using Eterna platform for their business.