Eterna ERP

Eterna, formerly known as Eterna is popular for the ERP/CRM solutions, but with the release of the next generation business suite, version 8.0 -- the whole landscape and the capabilities of the suite is changing drastically. Eterna is now more focused on creating a solution that create wonders for businesses.

To establish a successful E-Commerce website and services, Eterna offers the technologies that breath beneath the e-commerce website. The latest version, 8.0 comes with a website builder aka content management system. The system is capable of creating high-quality e-commerce website from the scratch with writing a single piece of code. The CMS comes with a website builder which facilitates drag and drop builder and other features appropriate for creating a rock star e-commerce website.

The biggest feature introduced in the version 8.0 is the web site builder, which comes with the functionalities to build a world-class website with complete SEO.

E-commerce Development Solution at Techreceptives

Helius Systems understand business and how they surface and grow in the online land space. With more and more businesses moving to online business model, there is a tough competition already building up. With Helius Systems, businesses can easily start their e-Commerce website and create an online presence in months. At TechRepecitives, we take Eterna e-Commerce service seriously and our web experts understand every small detail that needs to be crafted into the e-Commerce website, including complete SEO, cart integration, inventory integration and on top of everything, complete Eterna process integration.

We always want our clients to use Eterna e-Commerce as it enables them to have a kanban view of all the activities that are running under the e-Commerce project. Another reason Eterna e-Commerce solution is above par compared to other e-Commerce CMS solution is its automatic integration with different Eterna services including inventory management and others.

Our Services over Eterna e-Commerce

Helius Systems provides end-to-end services for the Eterna e-Commerce. This includes the development, integration, support, and maintenance. With every phase connected together, we can guarantee top-notch Eterna e-Commerce services including maintenance and support after the project is completed.

The Development phases consist of building the e-Commerce website with all the tools available within the Eterna ecosystem. We provide a detailed system analysis before moving forward with the development. Not all e-Commerce requirements are same and that's why our team also specializes in custom Eterna module development, increasing the functionality of the core Eterna e-Commerce solution.

After the development phase is completed, we integrate all the existing Eterna services and processes into the Eterna e-Commerce website, for example, we integrate the inventory system, payment system, accounts system with the e-Commerce websites, giving all the control to the webmaster.

The real project starts when it's completed. Helius Systems understands the importance of support and maintenance. Without constant support, clients can find themselves lost and worried. With the right set of tools and our expertise, we provide our clients support on critical issues and come up with solutions instantly.

With regular maintenance, the e-Commerce is readily checked for any security issues and other kinds of system hoggers that slow down the website. We also check and maintain database accuracy and creates a maintenance, workflow that keeps the system in best performance mode.
From development, integration, support and maintenance, Helius Systems can build and maintain any business e-Commerce dream with the power of Eterna and our team expertise.