Android Business Apps Development

With around 80% market share in Mobile Operating System, Android is the leading mobile platform used by more than a billion users across the world. With the increase in usage of mobile devices, many players have come forward to become the top mobile operating system. But, Android growth is unsurmountable, clearly improving in the last 5 years or so. The statistics from the popular page at IDC, reveals statistics on how Android growth has taken place in the last 4 years -- it grown from 50% from 2011 to 80% in 2015. The growth speaks volume on how the market is eaten up by the best mobile operating system, Android, which is currently in active development in Google.

Android is popularly used on the mobile devices, where it can be used on any screen size. It is mainly a user interface based operating system, which runs on the direct manipulation. The Android operating system being open source is built upon the Linux kernel. The Linux kernel provides the power and intuitiveness to the platform. Other than the mobile devices, the Android is also designed to work on smart watches, tablet computers, TV(Android TV) and automobiles(Android Auto).

Android being open source is a key part of TechReceptive work culture. Helius Systems bring the best of the Android Development with the top Android Developers and active Research & Development team working 24/7 hours on breakthroughs on Android device. Our team also make sure that we do not miss any critical changes to the operating system. The critical changes define the workflow of Android Development team in Helius Systems such that we always come up with world-class Android applications for our clients.

Helius Systems and Android

Helius Systems understand the Android market and has already embraced the technological advantages of Android Development. Today's technology improves exponentially, creating an ecosystem where the quickest learners only survive. At Helius Systems, we have the best Android talent to create business oriented apps and other functionalities that can make the Android operating system a better place.

We choose Android for array of reasons, first we understand how apps are controlling the market and other is its Open Source nature. Open Source philosophy runs deep inside the Helius Systems and we care a lot about Open Source, constantly creating products that benefit the community and the market ecosystem. We have developed Android apps for our field Management software, FieldAtom.

Helius Systems Services using Android

Helius Systems harness the power of Android and provide complete business application development for an organization all over the world. With custom development, we can easily incorporate any feature and functionality and even improve on an idea and provide suggestions for the clients to ponder on. If the suggestion is accepted by the client, we implement it in the business application, further enhancing the chance of doing better business in the market.

Our business analysts can provide excellent UI/UX designs for the application that is guaranteed to improve sales of the business. With companies relying more on customer engagement, it is necessary for the business to have an Android app for showcasing their products, ideas, blogs and more.

With an array of 3rd party apps floating on the internet and the market, it is necessary to integrate the Android app to take advantage of them. Also, the Eterna services need to be integrated with the Android App so that it gets all the necessary information from the business process and vice-versa.

With the current economy and market trends, Helius Systems have learned to accept technological and marketing changes and harness the difficulties and challenges to client's advantage.