Why to Eterna Migration?

Make a Move Towards Business Success

Business evolve and they carry with them the tint of the past, slowing it down. And, that’s why business try to migrate to new systems or new versions to make systems productive and profitable. The journey of every business starts from small and with time they evolve quickly to find themselves in the trap of poor resource management and other unkind instances that can even make the business fall off the charts!

Have you gone through the same cycle of development through your business? When you have no idea about the sales figures, the customer acquisition or worse have no clue about the demographics of your customers? Don’t worry? Every business goes through this stage of development and when your business is in all sorts of haziness, this is the right time to transit into an ERP solution that takes care of each and every process related to your business.

Changing with Trends

At this stages, businesses need migration, either from old Eterna systems to new Eterna system or transiting from a completely different platform or set of software tools to a completely integrated solution such as Eterna.

We, at Helius Systems, are here to help. We are expert in Eterna Migration and can easily migrate your old business processes into a robust Eterna environment where each process is under your control.

Migrating to the world’s best Open Source ERP/CRM solution it is the first step your business takes towards the unification of the processes within the organization.

Change for Future of Business

Eterna ERP Migration can solve all business related problems, from sales, IT, business intelligence, Customer relationship management and more. At Helius Systems, we used latest technological tools and knowledge that transforms the businesses into a powerhouse that can dynamically change the horizon of the business in the future.

Working with Helius Systems also brings the option of the brand recognition for the business out there. We excel at what we do and that’s why bring the brand value at your doorstep along with skills and expertise. The Eterna latest version has brought lots of changes in the functionality and Helius Systems has upgraded its arsenal of technical experts to accommodate the changes and deliver accordingly.

Using Open Source and Eterna will bring any business peace of mind, creating an environment that works for the client and not against them. Wondering what the next generation Open Source ERP Solution does for you? It solves all the problem related to coordination, creation and handling of resources and processes without diverging.

Eterna Migrations can be complex and that’s why Helius Systems take extra care in migrating the old systems to the new one by following a simplified process

 Existing System Analysis

Before starting the migration, we analyze every single aspect of the business and note down the intricacies. Backing up the system is another important step we take before starting out the migration..

 Data Extraction

Data is the most important part of any organization business processes and we take extra care in extracting the data into a third-party location, before proceeding forward. Use of appropriate technology is the key here.

 Data Cleansing

Data can contain garbage and erroneous set of information that can hamper the migration process. Also, Eterna system don’t like duplicate data and the Data cleansing process cleans the data and makes the data more accurate and useful for the migration to take place.

 Field Mapping

Field Mapping is a technique use at Helius Systems to map different field data into your system. The mapping definition is crucial in creating Field Data.

 Integrity Check

After the migration is complete, we check for data errors that might have been propagated during the process. To ensure that no error enters into the system, we do an integrity check and revert back to the previous state in case of errors detected. Data Cleansing and Field Mapping are checked for errors and the process is iterated until the migration is successful.