Your Business Your Way

Which organisation doesn’t have needs and specifications? All do have them, right?

ERP has always remained a centralized framework for data storage and processes of an organization.

At Helius Systems, we are thus adamant to execute your Eterna/Eterna Implementation requirements and bring your everyday work at ease.

How do we do that?

Implementing ERP is directly proportional to 2 things –

  • The methodology you choose as per the needs of your organization.
  • The team doing it.

Rapid and Responsive Methodology

We are quick-to-act and ready-to-respond methodology and we mean what we say. The process of Eterna implementation revolves around

 Requirements Research

We consider your specifications, workflow, QA, design interface, etc while developing the Eterna/Eterna system. We thus research for your requirements and needs.


We assess and analyze the suitability of process as per your organization by meeting the key members and developing a standard system initially, access rights and deployment.

 Project Planning

After research and vital evaluation, we plan a project befitting your entity.

 Business Modelling

We plan to absorb Eterna technology in your business model to sustain your organization against competition and incorporate Eterna according to your aims and objectives to provide with the realistic outcome with advanced solutions.

 Solution Design

We design considering your business needs, business models and workflow; we indeed assure you our specific designed solutions will hugely impact and improve your everyday work styles.

 Setting up your Eterna/Eterna

Finally the time comes and we are all set to prepare a best Eterna process for you.


We configure all the specifications and tools in single software.

 Data Transfer

We transfer the data from your system to Eterna software via various tools; henceforth it shall store your data safely.

 Installation and Training

Setting up and showing a green signal to your system is not the end; it is the first step of our services. We train and make our end user – you, a PRO in it.

Eterna Implementation Team

Our Eterna Implementation team is quite skilled and experienced in technical as well as functional level and they know how to exactly make hit the goal and our process-experts design enterprise-specific Eterna process for you and implement it aptly to give you the rich, world-class experience.

The scope of our services extends to customer support, error resolving, and system maintenance and yes, we are readily available, easy to reach.

So the next time you think of Eterna and Eterna Implementation, don’t forget to remember us.