Website Builder

Websites are important -- they work as a gateway for the business and provide visitors and help increase the online presence. With the vast amount of opportunity available online, no business can afford to miss the opportunity. With correct online presence and a great website, the business can easily see an increase in revenue and increasing its odds to be more successful in the current web market. In short, websites are now-a-days compulsory to succeed.

Any organization who wants to take their business to the next level, look to use an ERP solution. But, the current ERP solutions do not offer a website builder and hence they have to buy developers and designers to complete their project. This leads to increase in budget, unnecessary complication and much more. The current ERP solutions lack website builders, which can really hamper the growth of any business.

But, Eterna(formerly known as Eterna ) offers a new website builder with their v8.0 release. The website builder is amazing and it doesn't require any coding at all. The website builder is targeted at business, who want to get started with a working website in a matter of days. The website builder offers tons of features such as drag and drop builder, responsive design ready, SEO optimized and more.

What makes Eterna Website builder competitive to other builders out there? Especially compared to the famous CMS such as WordPress, Joomla etc.

 Drag and Drop Editing

No knowledge of coding? No worries as the Eterna Website Builder comes packed with the Drag and Drop Editing/builder. The Drag and Drop builder will enable the business to quickly start working on their website. The front-end builder is only limited to the number of elements it has to offer. But, it has the adequate number of elements to create a fully-fledged website with coincide with the latest development practices.

 Great Mobile Experience

The websites that are built using the Eterna Website builder is completely responsive and offers great mobile experience. According to the current trends, more than half of the traffic comes from the mobile devices and traffic will increase in the longer run. To sustain more than half of the traffic, the websites are completely responsive and can run on any device resolution.

 SEO Tools at your Finger Tips

SEO is an important part of any website. It helps to rank the website on top of the Google search and once it does -- providing more traffic, which opens the gateway to potential customers. With offline SEO, the business website can jump up in the search results. With SEO tools in Eterna Website builder, the business can easily start their SEO campaign and start gaining traction with each passing day. No need to go anywhere, all you need to do is use the SEO Tools to make your website SEO-friendly.


A Business can easily target different demographic with the help of Multilingual support. Mid-to-high scale organization can leverage this functionality to maximum effect, capturing a huge market segment with the simplest of features. Readers always love websites that are written in their native language. This feature also breaks the language barriers and help the organization to expand beyond the language barrier.

 Enterprise-Ready, Out Of the Box

The Eterna CMS hails from the developers of the best ERP solutions. The one thing that they have ensured is that the website builder/CMS is an enterprise-ready solution, i.e. it is scalable, robust and disaster ready solution. This enables huge corporations, organization, and business to focus on the business model rather than the website. The website is also backed by tons of open source developers, who keep it updated from time to time.

 Social Sign Up

Social Media platforms are important for any website. With Social SignUp, the website can create loyal followers and making them a part of their long-term success. The Eterna website offers social sign up with the famous social media platforms such as Facebook and Google.

 Online Chat

Want to engage the visitors? The website builder also comes with an online chat feature. The online chat feature enables the technical team or the marketing team to stay in contact with the visitors, answering their questions of the interested party in real-time. The mode of interaction can benefit the visitors and bring more customers, increasing market penetration and overall profit.


Did you launch a new feature for a product? Or launched a completely new product? The blogs are there to send clear messages to the followers of the current happening within the organization. Blogs are necessary for long-term success as they are also followed by current clients and potential to-be clients. The business can easily populate the blog with important information that can help in SEO as well. Great businesses have great blogs.

 Q & A Forums

Technical and non-technical support is necessary for a business to survive in the current scenario. Q & A forums offer the right platform for business to offer solutions related to their services. It also opens up a platform, where expert users can share their views on other problems and solve it before the technical team even notices it. The Q & A platform help to cultivate a community that evolves with time.

 Full HTML Control

Eterna is an Open Source solution, which gives full control in your hand. The website builder is no different and can be customized completely. This means changing code according to the business requirement.