Warehouse refers to the commercial building that is utilized by the organization, business, importers, exporters and more. Managing Warehouse is not a small task and requires fully automated solutions. Eterna Warehouse Management System is a revolutionary approach to the problems that business have to encounter managing Warehouses.

Managing Warehouse is an ongoing process and requires complete attention to detail. The scale of warehouse can really intimidate anyone, but with the correct use of Warehouse Management system, things become much simpler and manageable. Stocking and restocking of items requires a complicated approach with every single bit of information on the desk. With Eterna Warehouse Management System, businesses can easily manage warehouse. The Eterna Warehouse Management System offers tons of features including the revolutionary Double Entry Inventory Management, traceability, barcode scanning, shipping, real-time stock level and more.

 Double Entry Inventory Management

Inventory Management is a tricky proposition -- stocks can get lost with no traceability. But with Double Entry Inventory Management, the stocks are not lost and is only moved from one place to the another, keeping transactions on track. With double entry inventory management, teams can have better traceability, reporting and more.

 Automatic Transactions

With each item that is plugged in or out, transactions take place. With Eterna, all the transactions including picking, packing, receptions or any other internal movements are automatically managed. The transactions are further automated by defining push and pull rules.

 Full Traceability

Understanding Stock movements is important for businesses. It enables them to plan ahead and introduce new rules and regulations to make the process more automatic. With complete control over the stock, the warehouse can learn more about anyone who is connected with the warehouse, directly or indirectly. The stocks can be connected with customers, manufacturing locations and suppliers.

 Serial Number Tracking

To make effective warehouse much more effective, tracking is enabled in Eterna Warehouse Management software. This enables stock tracking at each stage with high emphasis on tracking at each stage of delivery and reception. Item packages such as batches or logistic lots are also supported by serial number tracking.

 Barcode Scanning

Tracking become much faster and convenient when done through barcode. Eterna Warehouse solution supports barcode scanning, improving warehouse functionality and traceability.

 Reverse Logistics

Warehouse Eterna also supports Reverse Logistics, a way to achieve remanufacturing and refurbishing of old products and make them useable. With resuability, business can harness more profit.

 Shipping Management

With Shipping Management, Warehouse can easily configure their goods for shipment. The stock loading and unloading information are all stored within the database and can be updated anytime.

 Dock and Yard Management

Dock and Yards are connected with Warehouse. They are the first meeting point of the stock and also enables the warehouse to understand requirements according to the dock and yard nearby. With dock and yard management, organization can easily attach stocks with a particular dock and also set routines for pickups or drop-offs.

 Real Time Stock Level

Stock are the core of warehouse. Eterna Warehouse has enough amenities for real time stock monitoring. This enables warehouse to keep stock updates before they run out. Real Time monitoring also provides valuable insight on how the Warehouse can work more efficiently.

 Inventory Analytics

Inventory is complex and to understand each stock level and its movement, Eterna Warehouse enables managers to do Inventory Analysis. With Inventory Analytics, mangers can take both short-term or long-term decisions that can improve Warehouse workings.