Sales department deals with all the sales that are done by the organization. Sales can be a complicated process for many businesses and with huge sales figure, organization can find in a spot of bother when tracking each sale and its prospects. With streamlined information, sales department can find flaws and improve in the sales process. Sales is undoubtedly the most important part of any organization as it opens the world of opportunities for the business and creates the right platform for creating insurmountable profit and networking.

The Sales department is also responsible for creating new potential connections, increasing the scope of profit and credibility. The Eterna ERP solution comes with Sales solution. An Organization can easily integrate sales solution into their existing process. The sales module has tons of features. Some of the notable features are sending the quotation online, creating an electronic signature for sales, activity tracking and much more.

 Streamlined Sales Process

With Eterna Sale module, almost every single process related to sales is controlled using and streamlined. Be it quotes or invoices, everything is under the control of the sales team and day-to-day activities becomes fluid and intuitive. Teams can work collaboratively and bring more productivity on the desk.

 Send Quotes Online

With Eterna Sales module, the sales team can easily send quotes online to the potential customers with the intent to get the project or the order. The quote generation tool automates the process and keeps track of any advancement in the project. The quotes generated using the tool are professional and can be saved in PDF format for portability.

 Electronic Signature

With electronic signature, sales team can easily manage quotations and other official documents and convert them into potential sales. This way all the transactions are kept online with high emphasis on credibility and productivity.

 Activity Tracking

With Activity Tracking, the sales team can ensure that everything is in the process. The dashboard provides a kanban view of all the activities and enables team leaders to take action on the information available. The activity tracking can be further enhanced with other features. The sales module is fully extensible with features on demand.

 Multi Currency

Working with diverse clients requires support for multi-currency. Eterna Sales modules have enough amenities to support multi-currency so that the whole ecosystem works flawlessly. With the correct currency conversion, each transaction is done smoothly without losing any precious conversion amount.


The sales module supports multiple price list to be generated at the same time. With multi-pricelist, teams can explore more opportunities and serve multiple clients at the same time. The sales Eterna module completely supports the multitasking and improve productivity and synergy.

 Customer Driven

With a complete built-in customer relationship management, the Eterna sales module is purely customer-driven and has all the functionalities that make the customer experience a good one. Other features also contribute to customer unique experience. The customer driven approach of the sales module brings more growth to the organization and creates a long-term return involvement. Customer communication can be done easily with feedback open all the time.

 Teams and Goals

The whole Sales Eterna module is built keeping the team and their goals in mind. The interface is highly intuitive and with proper positioning of the most used functions, anyone can learn the sales module in no time. Team Collaboration is a major part of the module and with high-quality report generation, everything is kept transparent and happy.

 Sales Forecasting

Sales can be tricky to forecast, but with the right set of forecasting tools, organizations can easily forecast sales. The forecast can help the organizations create future plans for sales and purchase.

 Insightful Reporting

With tons of information flowing in, sales team members can easily create reports that reflect on the working environment and its intricacies. The team can also induce interesting reports on customer behavior, which in turn helps improve the sales process.