Point of Sale

Point of Sale (POS) solution offers customer services for completing transactions. The service enables business to generate the receipt, accept cash and deliver an array of services to the customers. The customer buys products or services, which is then entered into the system for easy tracking and updating stock in the warehouse.

Eterna POS is one of the best POS software solutions for the business. It offers tons of features and completely redefines the Point of sale approach for businesses around the world. Eterna POS is completely cloud based, which makes the system completely portable. It also comes with all the add-ons that make it a great POS platform. It offers Barcode Scanning, Cash Register, Touch Screen, weight calculator and more. It also supports multi-station management, enabling multiple transactions possible.

 Cloud Hybrid System

With everything connected to the cloud, the POS platform can be used from any platform. The only requirement being connected to the internet. And, by any chance it is not connected to any hardware or internet, the tool will also work and save the work until it gets connected.

 Barcode Scanning

Barcode Scanning is the essential part of any POS and Eterna POS is no different. It has a fully functional Barcode scanner for complete tracking of items and also helps the POS user to add items faster to the cart.

 Speedy Product LookUp

Eterna's Point of Sale app has an excellent user-interface with clear buttons and layout. This enables the user to lookup for any product. The process is either by entering the product ID or name. With a clear process, both the buyer and the operator are benefitted in terms of speed and clarity.

 Mobile Selling

The POS has completely working capability on mobile devices. It supports offline and online access from the Android tablets, iPads or Laptops. The mobility improves the functionality and also helps the organization to serve more diverse audience.

 Multi-Station Management

The POS software can be used to manage Multiple stations at the same time. This reduces labor and improves the time required to clear the buyer's list. The multi-station management is unique and helps in blazing POS service.

 Touch Screen

The POS solution from Eterna supports Touch Screen. With the help of the Touchscreen, the operator can easily manipulate between different windows, add multiple buyers on the same station and can easily go through product search. Touch Screen increases productivity and uses advanced haptics to enable faster execution of touch commands.

 Cash Register/Drawer

Another important component of POS solutions is the support for the cash register/drawer. With the right set of tools and manufacturing component, the call to register is done automatically.

 Accounting Integration

The POS solution from Eterna is connected with the Eterna Accounting solution. This means that all the transactions are tracked and stored within the Accounting Eterna solution. The solution helps an organization to track everything, including customer feedback, sales growth and more.

 Inventory Management

The Eterna POS solution has a complete inventory management. This enables the operator to check for items that are needed to be restocked. The inventory management also provides all the information to the operator at a glance, creating the right environment for productivity and profitability.

 Sales Analytics

Sales drives profit and with Sales Analytics imbued into the POS Eterna, teams can understand their business way better. Sales also help to deliver customer service. With functionalities like customer refunds, warranty tracking, planning deliveries -- the system can maximize great experience for the customers.

The Sales Analytics also help managers and operators to gauge into the depths of understanding the sales pattern. The analytics can enable managers to take crucial on the spot decisions.