Manufacturing Resource Planning includes all the process and their planning in an effective manner. The Planning can be done in many stages and is not completely dependent on the software being implemented.

The notion of using Eterna as an MRP is an interesting prospect for the businesses. It enables businesses to completely monitor the manufacturing process using the Open Source Manufacturing using Eterna solution.

Using MRP solutions can truly enhance the functioning of the business and enable them to manage database with accuracy. The stock can easily be maintained leading to better manufacturing performance.

MRP can also be used to utilize to maximize resource utilization with no losses of any kind.

 Manufacturing Planning

Manufacturing Planning is a vital part of any organization. With the planning, all resources are utilized to the maximum benefit. The platform can easily be used for billing purposes, Quality Control, Minimum Stock rules changing and much more. Organization can be in more control of all their processes with the manufacturing planning. The Eterna platform supports Kanban views so that managers can understand what's going within the manufacturing process. It also supports Gantt views for maximum productivity.

 Bill of Materials

Billing is important for any manufacturing farm. Without correct billing, an organization can lose tons of money and also not able to successfully track each resource, leading to a situation not warranted. With Billing of materials, managers can easily track and change the price of different resources.

 Routing/Process Planning

Each process can further be planned using the MRP Eterna. With routing enabled, the resources can be configured to reach any part of the manufacturing process. The routing planning is essential for two reasons. The first reason is to decrease the time for resources to reach their station and the other is to have full control of each resource.

 Minimum Stock Rules

The biggest graveyard that a manufacturing firm is running out of the valuable resource, only to wait until the new set of resource arrives. The Minimum Stock Rules enable managers to restock before its too late.

 Inventory and Manufacturing Analytics

Inventory and Manufacturing Analytics offers the right tools to understand the different level of manufacturing activities. The tool is best used by managers for keeping track of everything and bring changes whenever needed.

 Quality Control

Quality determines the end-product and weak monitoring of quality can lead to undesirable products. With Quality Control, managers can easily control the quality of each resource, which in turn leads to better end-product.

 Process Control

Processes is the heart of any farm, be it manufacturing or IT. With process control, managers can evaluate the need for process improvement, make amendments and improve the overall ecosystem without losing precious time.

 Machine Runtime and Downtime

With Machine Runtime and Downtime information, managers can track down the bottleneck of the system and bring backups or changes to the current infrastructure for maximum productivity and profit.

 Productivity Analysis

In the manufacturing process, each minute wasted results in the loss of a huge amount of end products and overall decreasing the productivity and profit of the manufacturing firm. To overcome, the Eterna MRP offers productivity analysis for better results in manufacturing and operations.

 Visible Analysis Reporting

With Reporting, different levels of managers and decision makers can bring necessary changes to the system. The Eterna MRP uses Kanban view and eventually helps its operators make reports and decision without much problem.