Human Resources

Human Resource is a vital component of any organization. With Eterna Human Resource Software, any business despite their workforce size can benefit from the one-stop solution of all human resource needs.

With the help of the Human Resource software, the organization can easily manage the current employees.

The management of employees can include document collection, payroll, timesheet and almost all the information that is directly or indirectly connected with the organization.

The Eterna Human Resource software offers Kanban view for all the activities related to the employees. This helps the organization or the HR department to keep track of all the granular details of all the employees.

  Streamlined Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process can be a challenging task for medium to the large corporation. Gathering valuable data about the interview, allocating time for interview, processing interview performance, sending the vital information to the head of the recruitment drive is in no way a small task. The synchronization between different departments can be now easily done with Eterna Human Resource software.

 Payroll and Timesheet

Maintaining monthly payroll slips and day-to-day timesheet are hard to maintain and the real problem starts when the HR department needs to access information from the database. The situation can easily go haywire, but with the Payroll and Timesheet management, the HR department can stay at the top of their game. With this feature, HR department can easily track the monthly salaries of the employees and also maintain daily attendance and other forms of vital day-to-day information.

 Compliance Management

The Eterna Human Resource Solution also has compliance management. The compliance management offers strength to the organization by creating standards to follow and comply. The employees are also guided by he compliance management of what to expect of them, and also creating guidelines so that they do not involve in any unethical practices that are harmful to the business reputation directly or indirectly.

 Online Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal is important for any organization and if they are done on the online platform brings more traction and also increases its value. Other employees can also vote and in-turn increase their involvement in the performanceappraisal. Keeping the Performance Appraisal Online, the whole ecosystem is benefitting from both involvement and appraisal.

 Online Business Expense Management

Employees have their expenses that need to be tracked by the human resource department. Employers go to other cities, book hotels and other small expenses. With the online business management, each expense is entered into the system and can be viewed or managed with few clicks.

 Communication Management

Internal communication is important for both recreational and productivity reasons. Internal communication also helps in sending important messages to the team and keep them updated from time to time. Project Management and Idea generation also become easy. The biggest barrier to productivity and success is communication and with communication management, business can easily leverage the advantages of great communication.

 Benefits Management

Benefits Management can also be done with the help of the Eterna Human Resource Software. The tool utilizes gamification and the other sets of rewarding options for the best performers.

 Employee Self Service

The Eterna HR software supports employee self-service, which means managing their profiles, reviewing the payroll, applying for leaves and entering expenses as well as updating information. The Employee Self Service offers employee offers the employer to access vital information and change it whenever necessary.

 Vacation/Leave Tracking

Vacation/Leave Tracking helps the employee to keep track of all the vacations and also apply for leaves when needed. The leave tracking is a one-stop information about the number of vacations available for the employee and can also reviews and plan for the future.

 Employee Review Analysis

Employee Review Analysis is a process of setting up the appraisal and analyzing performance on a regular basis. The system can be tuned and reviewed by other employees according to their preference. This gives them the right tools to innovate and increase their chance of getting an appraisal, compared to other ways of giving appraisal. The HR department can set timely employee review, which is shared by the employee. The whole process provides insights on employee and creates an ecosystem that strives on productivity and competition.