Online Entrepreneurship is an interesting prospect with an idea of creating value for the internet users and providing services that go beyond the limitation of brick and mortar companies. Online E-commerce website needs a special set of features to completely overcome the limitation of the regular website. The E-Commerce website should offer item display, a completely automated shopping cart and also offer an intuitive display with the focus on content.

With Eterna E-commerce suite, online business enthusiasts and entrepreneurship or even established business can open their online portal. The online portal acts as a secondary point of action for many businesses out there. Recent studies also showcase that many businesses have transited completely from the brick and mortar model to online e-commerce model. This way, the business can operate much better and have a single point of the operational center -- focusing on one way of doing business than having a physical brick and mortar.

Eterna E-commerce has tons of options for your business.

 Full Featured E-Commerce

Fed up with half-baked E-Commerce website? Then, Eterna E-commerce is for you. It offers fully-fledged E-Commerce solution, which comes with out-of-box solution. The E-Commerce solution offers traditional functions such as great product description pages, catalog, shopping cart and more.

Furthermore, the E-Commerce software is completely customizable, giving the power in the hands of the user. It is also easy to use.

 Built-in Invoicing & Accounting

Invoicing and Accounting is important for an e-Commerce website. With most of the e-Commerce solutions do not have integrated invoice and accounting features -- using 3rd party solutions can make the situation worse and full of technical difficulties to conquer, before it gets completely online.

With Eterna e-Commerce solution, both Invoicing and Accounting are inbuilt -- creating a solution that is easy to setup with fewer clicks and less technical knowledge demand. The solutions help businesses to control cash and sales in real time, generating reports -- enabling the managers to take smarter decisions.

 Integrated Inventory Management

With Integrated Inventory Management, webmasters can easily configure and maintain stock. This means getting alerts when stocks need to be replenished and also creating custom alerts for the team. The real-time advantage always helps the business to get an extra edge over their competitors. With Integrated Inventory Management, the webmaster can easily forecast and replenish the stocks.

 Clean Google Analytics Integration

The e-Commerce website is the data minefield. The site visitors offer tons of data that can be easily captured using an analytics tool such as Google Analytics. Eterna e-Commerce supports easy and intuitive Google Analytics Integration. The Eterna Google Analytics trackers tell the webmasters about when the deal broke off, the statistics about the shopping cart, performance of call-to-action button and more. The Eterna marketing tools can also be integrated into Google Analytics, offering wonderful opportunities for webmasters to expand the functionality of the platform.

 Support for Various Payment Methods

The e-Commerce software supports various payment methods. This keeps the visitors engaged and complete the order without bouncing off to other e-Commerce websites.

 Content Management

The e-Commerce website needs content for product descriptions, valuable blog posts and entering other useful information for the visitors. The e-Commerce software offers content management functions such as creating, updating or deleting posts, articles and item description.

 SEO Management

For complete success, any e-Commerce website need Search traffic. With SEO tools at fingertips, business can easily configure their website for the organic search and in turn increase both visitors and profit for the website. The platform suggests keywords for the posts and helps to create a strategy that work, in the long run.

 Product Catalog

Product Catalog helps webmasters to create unique product pages and list similar types of product on the same page or category, which provide information to the visitors to make the correct purchase. The product catalog can also be used to highlight the best product in the category, increasing sales and customer loyalty towards the e-Commerce platform.

 Customer Accounts

Eterna e-Commerce software supports customer accounts, which can be used by customers to store vital information, including address, debit/credit card information, previous order history and much more. The customers can also use their account to submit a ticket in case of any dispute or other forms of communication with the support staff.

 Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics offers insights on the behavior of buying and other browsing information within the website. With this information, the webmasters can easily put call to action buttons on the most visited pages or leverage the information to do A/B testing.