CRM is no new term, it specializes or automates different processes within the organization that is related to dealing current or future customers. Customers form the base of any business and maintaining them requires automation, organizing and synchronization of mainly four main functions of a business, i.e., customer service, sales, marketing and technical support.

Customer Relationship Management using Eterna is one of the best solutions for businesses to automate customer handling in a well structured way, creating a solution specific to the organizational needs. The Eterna CRM consists of many features that help the organization to capture the market and keeps customers happy. Customer maintenance is important as they yield more profit by referring the services to other interested customers.

With Eterna CRM, the organization can easily track leads, generate accurate forecasts and close opportunities. Sales features are above average and grants you enough power to drive sales from nowhere.

 Lead Automation

Lead Automation Eterna provides a way to automate leads from the marketing campaigns. The lead generation is completely automated and offers both dynamic and multi-channel projects to harness the feature set. The marketing strategy can be according to the organization needs.g With Lead Automation, the business can start from a blank slate and end up with closed deals.

 Customizable Sales Cycle

Organizations can easily customize their sales cycle for maximum profit and returns. The sales approach depends on a lot of factors and business needs to continuously evolve their approach. With Customizable Sales Cycle, the organization can easily improve the performance, and forecast the outcome -- improving customer relationship at every single step.

 Kanban Board for Sales Pipeline

Understanding the complete sales process is a tough task? Not anymore! With Kanban view, business can easily hover over the complete picture and keep them abreast of all the changes including opportunities, revenues, actions and more. Using the Kanban View can easily escalate business chances of success in the current competitive market.

 Social Network Integration

Social Network is one of the important factors in a company growth. With Social networks, an organization or company can find new customers, leverage social engagement to announce exciting new products and feature and also attract potential investors.

With Social Network Integration, the CMS automatically loads all the necessary data in the address book so that business can easily concentrate on the real part rather than collecting customer information.

 Integrated Customer Management

CRM offers integrated customer management, i.e., offering actions to store vital information about customers, their buying habits, demographics etc. With customer management, business can easily add new data into existing customers or create data for the future customers.

 Engagement with Gamification

Employee engagement is necessary for business success and with gamification, the Eterna CRM just becomes way cool. Users are motivated to engage in activities and are rewarded with badges, level ups and more. This brings competition among members and creates an environment where everyone is benefitted.

 Email Integration

With Email and Eterna CRM working together, work was never been so easy. The integration is automatic and the team can get started with the work without any delays. The CRM also supports third party integration tools with maximum customizability.

 Data Segmentation

Data is information, only if segmented properly. With Eterna CRM, users can easily segment data into proper groups such that it becomes useful and informative for the business and the team working on it. Data without meaning is useless and Eterna CRM makes sure data is utilized correctly.

  Collaborative Agenda

Teams thrive on a single agenda and with integrated calendar, everyone can work without being bobbed down unknowingly or because of misinformation. Also, managers can easily set collaborative agenda for teams to work with, creating synergy and also pushing deadlines to teams.

 Dashboard and Reports

Looking for a smart solution for making fast decisions? Then, Eterna CRM offers visually appealing dashboard and unique reporting for the business managers. With the dashboard, managers can easily get insights and make better decisions for the organization. The Dashboard also offers real-time reports -- offering enough information to make quick insightful decisions. Furthermore, employee can easily create and share reports on the dashboard for other to read and share feedback.