Accounting is the most important part of any organization. With accounting, any business can easily gauge the economic activities and come up with reports that can be shared with the stockholders. The stockholders also play an important role in accounting to any organization. All the expenses, profits and other forms of revenue is calculated using the Accounting software.

With Business growing exponentially, having a system that is completely integrated with sales and inventory is a must for business to survive.

Eterna ERP is a versatile product and offers features for almost all the process related to the business. Accounting is no different. With our products business can easily solve all their accounting problems and control each transaction using the automated features of the solution. Other important features that Eterna Accounting Solution have are General Ledger Management, Cash and Asset Management, Bank Reconciliation, Cost Centre and KPI, Extensive Reporting and much more

Having a completely integrated Accounting solution for your ERP, leverages opportunities and dissolves problem related to accounting.

 General Ledger Management

General Ledger contains all the information about all transactions that take place within the organization. With General Ledger Management, business can easily work on other facets of accounting. All the information can be inputted and formatted according to the company's policy.

 Controlling and Budget Management

With Eterna Accounting solution, Business can control resources with minute details. They also provide budget management so that the business doesn’t go off track from their budget. With complete control, business can easily flourish with the help of the Accounting module.

 Cash and Asset Management

Cash and Asset Management is another important feature of Accounting Solution. Both tangible and intangible assets can be controlled using the cash and asset management. All cash flows, i.e. inflow and outflow are monitored using our Accounting solution.

 Financial Forecasting

With tons of information at the disposal, accountants can easily forecast the financial growth or investment in the business. Our Accounting Solution provides the necessary tools and information for financial forecasting. With forecast, business can take the right course of action, increasing its chance of success. Right use of resources is also an important factor in Financial Forecasting.

 Compilance Management

Compliance refers to the rules and regulations that govern the working environment of the organization. With Compliance Management, business can easily set quality, financial bars and other compliance rules for better functioning of the systems.

 Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation is matching general ledger of the company with the bank statements. With our Accounting, business can complete the bank reconciliation process every month and save precious time.

 Online Invoicing and Expenses

With everything moving online, business can easily create invoices online and also track expenses. This way the stakeholders can get the payment way faster and contribute to the growth of the organization. Smooth transactions and expenses are achieved using the Online Invoicing and Expenses.

 Multi-Currency Accounting

Business are going international and there are very few business that do not work with international clients. With Multi-Currency Accounting, a business can easily work with different clients who work with different currency altogether. The accounting solution makes enough changes to the accounting process that no transactions are lost or miss-calculated.

 Cost Centre and KPI

Keep track of all the cost center elements of the business such as Research and Development, marketing or other forms of activities that do not add profit to the business, directly or indirectly.

Key Performance Indicator is a metric used by the business to elevate their performance and also understand the growth over a period of time. With all the information available at the dashboard, business can easily improve on the past performance and create interesting reports.

 Extensive Reporting

Reporting is the basic form of providing information to other stakeholders. With tons of information available through the dashboard, accountants can easily create extensive reporting, which in turn can help the managers to take strategic actions.